Testimonial - Richard Peacocke

Chief Executive Officer The People Versus

My background has been in corporate management and property development for some 35 years in New Zealand and my move to Australia was in support of a family member active in the TPVS business. During the course of my business career I have dealt with many lawyers and feel able to comment based on considerable experience on the standard of competence and performance of Michael Anderson.

    • highly knowledgeable in most matters legal
    • experienced in preparation of efficient legal structures
    • quick and efficient in completing¬† documentation once instructed
    • a very good listener who quickly drills to the heart of the matter
    • advises on commercial solutions pragmatically and clearly in layman terms
    • strong commercial skills & experienced in complex transactions
    • outcomes driven and always looking for pragmatic solutions to problems
    • fees are very reasonable on a comparative basis
    • a very pleasant person who perhaps understates his level of skill and competence

I happily recommend Michael to any party looking for a highly competent lawyer.