Buying or Selling a Business?

Are you serious about selling your business?

You want to ensure that when a purchaser’s solicitor reads your Contract for Sale of Business and accompanying paperwork that you are presenting a professional and properly structured business.

If you are serious about selling your business, then Elite Legal is the law firm you need to use to achieve your goal, as we are renowned for getting commercial legal deals done.

We have worked with vendors of small and large businesses for over 20 years and have completed legal work for the sale of businesses ranging between $25,000 to $85M.

Ask us to help you get your business sale ready

Elite Legal can ensure that your business is ready for sale by providing a review of its business value. For example, it may require:

  • Preparation of due diligence materials for purchasers to review;
  • Completion of BAS and tax returns by your accountant;
  • Business restructuring to remove an unprofitable division;
  • Renewal of a distribution agreement;
  • Extension of a franchise agreement;
  • Registration of a trademark;
  • New employment agreements for key staff; or
  • Finalisation of a lease negotiation.

We can help you set up your business properly so that you can maximise your sale price and move fast when a purchaser is ready to buy your business.

Ask us to help you buy a business

Elite Legal can also ensure that every aspect of purchasing a business is considered prior to do doing so. For example:

  • Due diligence
  • Transferring business assets
  • Licence, permits or rights requirements
  • Third party agreements
  • Special conditions of sale