Welcome to Elite Legal

Elite Legal is an incorporated legal and advisory practice. We provide quality legal advice to Registered Clubs in New South Wales and  Companies across Australia.

Our CEO & Legal Director Michael Anderson has over 20 year’s commercial legal experience. He was named Australian Corporate Lawyer of the Year in 2009–2010.

Our team includes  lawyers with experience in professional practice and senior in-house roles in Australian and MNC’s, industrials, corporates and listed companies.

Elite Legal represents an alternative to larger firms, with senior industry expertise being accessible on a more personalised basis, combining legal rigour with commercial pragmatic solutions.

In addition to providing legal solutions, in working with clients and their businesses, we provide value by proactively identifying the legal and associated commercial risks that need management or consideration before they impact commercial outcomes and business relationships.

Why Elite Legal?

  • Award Winning Team
  • We work to understand your business on our time
  • Legal and commercial focus
  • Exceptional Value and Transparent Rates


Elite Legal can deliver services to you in a variety of ways:

  1. Ad Hoc: being advice required from time to time, leveraging off our specific industry knowledge and expertise.
  2. In Sourcing: where we have a resource part-time or full-time allocated to your business which either sits in your business or works remotely for you.
  3. Outsourcing: when the legal workload is consuming too great a share of internal in–house legal resource than we can engineer a reasonable solution to free up the in-house resources so they can focus on their more important matters.
  4. Projects: we can provide specific project negotiation, legal or commercial project management services on a project or transaction basis to supplement an in-house legal team, commercial business team and assist to drive project outcomes.

Our Firms Core Values:

Elite Legal maintains specific core values which govern its operations and provision of service to its clients:

  • Product Quality – We provide legally correct and commercially pragmatic documentation and legal advice.
  • Positive Collaboration – We build long term relationships with our clients, investing our time to get to to know their business.
  • Integrity and Trust – We always place the interests of our clients first and operate with integrity
  • Adding Value via Innovation – We innovate legally and think about the big picture to deliver better commercial outcomes for our clients.
  • Legal simplicity – We consistently provide clear communication and straight forward solutions in plain English.
  • Know the client’s business – We spend time to understand our clients’ businesses and help you assess what commercial and legal risks need to be managed.
  • Timeliness – We recognise the importance of timely delivery of the work product that you are seeking.